The Importance of a Good Website

Websites may feel slightly outdated in 2019. After all, everyone talks about social media being the be all and end all of online advertising. While, to an extent this is a true fact, websites are still relevant and here is why.

Think of your website as your online hub. It can be seen as a central repository for your business. You might be driving your customer interaction on Facebook, showing service demos on Youtube and delivering customer service via Twitter, but your website is going to be your central place for discovery and traffic direction.

If you have a good website, it will not only confirm your business as a serious entity (Who doesn’t check Google first when looking for a business) but it will also show your clients a portfolio of what you do, what your business offers and what your mission is.

When a client navigates to your website, they should see a series of links. Links to pages within your website for various topics but also links out to your social media pages. As I said, you may drive engagement and content through your social media channels but imagine your website as your big, digital business card.

This is the place your clients will see what you offer and see how profession your service is. Websites are also a great place to host client testimonials and newsfeed/blog items that are too long for a social media post.

If your business is a business that sells a physical product, or a service, clients are going to be more trusting of a website to handle payments. Your website is an invaluable tool that will really help your business stand out from the crowd. Make sure it’s of a high standard and show the world what you can do.

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This post was written by Matthew Rusk on December 8, 2019


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