ReASoN Focus Groups

For those who don’t know us already, Researchers And Students on Neurodiversity (ReASoN) is a special interest research group funded by Emerging Minds (UK Research and Innovation), focused on the mental health of neurodivergent students and staff in higher education (HE).

As part of our research, we are running focus groups that aim to investigate the experiences, support priorities and research priorities of neurodivergent students and recent graduates in higher education in the UK.



At least 8% of HE students are neurodiverse in some way and neurodiverse students are more likely to experience mental health problems at university. But to date little research has been done in this area and does not ask students for their own priorities.

So, we want to do that!



Our groups will be run by lead facilitators, who are neurodiverse themselves, and a co-host.

As we want to make this more inclusive there will be four 1hour sessions available to sign up to and will have 4-6 neurodiverse individuals per group.

Our main questions will focus around:

  • What are the support priorities of neurodiverse UK HE students?
  • What are the research priorities of neurodiverse UK HE students?

And we will focus our discussions are 4 key areas:

  1. Why you chose to participate in this study.
  2. Your experiences (both positive and negative) as a neurodivergent student in higher education.
  3. What your university could have done to better support your needs and improve your experience as a neurodivergent student.
  4. What areas you as a neurodivergent student or recent graduate consider to be research priorities on the topic of neurodiversity and mental health in higher education.



We are recruiting current students and recent students that have graduated up to 5 years ago.


How to get Involved

Please spread the word to friends and family, twitter and to anyone who you think would like to take part in these groups.

The dates for when the focus groups will run are still to be confirmed, so stay tuned if you’re interested and want to participate!

If you have any questions or just looking for more information contact us via email at