Presenters at the first network event

The first network event will be a one-day symposium for network participants held at the University of Exeter on September 2. The focus of this symposium will be on contemporary representation of classical music in the arts and media.

The following network participants will give presentations:

  • Emilie Capulet, concert pianist, lecturer, musicologist, and writer
  • Carlo Cenciarelli, Lecturer in the School of Music at the University of Cardiff
  • James Cook, Lecturer at the Reid School of Music at the University of Edinburgh
  • Martin Cullingford, Editor of Gramophone magazine
  • Adrian Curtin, Senior Lecturer in the Drama department at the University of Exeter
  • William Gibbons, Associate Professor of Musicology at Texas Christian University
  • Douglas Knight, PhD student in the Music department at Royal Holloway
  • Annabelle Lee, marketing professional, blogger, and podcaster

The participants will prepare short, written previews of their presentations, which will be posted on this blog.