About the Project

Designed to coincide with the centenary of his birth, this project seeks to critically appraise, and thus revive scholarly and public interest in, the work of neglected and important Belfast-born writer, Brian Moore (1921- 1999). The author of twenty-six novels in diverse genres and a transnational subject who lived most of his adult life in Canada and the U.S., Moore’s literary career invites re-examination in the context of the emergence of a number of scholarly trends in the two decades since his death: the rise and rise of migration and diaspora studies, particularly in an Irish Studies context; democratising trends that would now regard Moore’s “pulp” novels as an essential (rather than an anomalous) part of his oeuvre; adaptation studies (several of Moore’s works were adapted for the screen); the “material turn” in literary studies which places greater emphasis on unpublished writings and archival materials; the increasing emphasis on the importance of coteries and networks in the production of literary texts, rather than the individual “genius” of a given writer; the politics of prize-giving and the literary marketplace.

The Small Research Grant will be used to fund a collaborative programme of research, culminating in a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Irish Studies devoted to Moore’s work. Public-facing events will take place in liaison with a number of Belfast-based partners. An international academic conference, from which will be drawn papers for the special issue on Moore, will take place in Belfast in 2021.

The project runs from 3 August 2020 to 2 August 2022 thanks to the award of a British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Small Research Grant.

I've only read Green Rushes (where "The Quiet Man" is collected) but MW is fascinating. In Maura Laverty's Alone We Embark, an IRA mobilisation order is intercepted when it is left in the back of a copy of MW's The Small Dark Man that's circulating in a local lending library.


Maurice Walsh - never banned - was hugely popular in the 30s. Which one should I read? None of the novels call to me so I need suggestions.

I was in Keats & Chapman at the weekend for the first time since March 2020. Look at all the Brian Moore novels they have in stock. (The picture doesn't even capture them all!)

Great to see @wstonesbelfast #BrianMoore display, especially the 4 titles from @turnpikebooks

Delighted to have these from @turnpikebooks - The Emperor of Ice Cream is wonderful and has been hard to get for a long time


It's been a great week so far for one Mayo woman. A good omen! 🤞💚♥️https://t.co/9c2MB1YIgY via @IrishTimes

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