Sustainable Cornwall?

Today, in a very grey and damp Penryn, we’ve been talking¬†about Sustainable Cornwall–Exploring the Cultural Connection.¬†The event is co-organised by the Institute of Cornish Studies and the Environment and Sustainability Institute, and includes contributions from three CEAH members: Joanie Willett, Tim Cooper and Garry Tregidga (ICS Director). The presentations have touched on many themes: place-making and identity, disaster and resilience, cultural politics, the link between strong communities and sustainability, balancing nature and culture in restoration and regeneration projects. Many conversations about sustainability tend to focus on future solutions and agendas, with scant attention given to past precedents and possible lessons to be learned from historic relationships between people and place. Not so today, where the conversation has been grounded in reflection about the specificity of Cornwall’s past, and how it might help navigate a path to a sustainable future.