What are the affective atmosphere of lockdown? (Gemma Lucas, Jennifer Lea and Chloe Asker)

By Gemma Lucas, Jennifer Lea, Chloe Asker

Through the use of vignettes, this chapter draws on our personal, auto-ethnographic and everyday experiences to attend to bodily, affective and atmospheric (re)configurations under lockdown in the COVID-19 pandemic whilst speculating upon the usefulness of thinking with non-representational theories at this time. Drawing on our own everyday experiences of lockdown in the South of England, the chapter itself enacts a form of methodological attentiveness that non-representational work affords. Attending to the anxious haze and affective atmospheres that envelope and surround us during lockdown, we think through the reconfiguration of bodily capacities that the lockdown has performed. The chapter then concludes with a brief consideration of some of the other directions that non-representational theory might offer in this particular moment.

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