The translation and dissemination of individual narratives on COVID-19 from China and Italy in the UK’s COVID-19 crisis (Ting Guo)

By Ting Guo

This project (currently pursuing funding) investigates the translation, reception and use of personal narratives in the public discussion of COVID-19 in the UK. Since the early stages of the pandemic, personal narratives about the disease in languages such as Chinese and Italian have been translated and disseminated through UK mainstream and citizen media sites. This project examines a corpus of texts and qualitative data collected from interviews and ethnographic research and explores how narratives from China and Italy were selected, translated and disseminated before and after the UK’s lockdown. It asks what have affected the UK’s reception of and engagement with these translated narratives and how these translations, as narrative knowledge, shaped people’s understanding of the pandemic in communities and in the media.

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