Applying for development consent during lockdown: The Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station (Catherine Caine)

By Catherine Caine

The UK is currently facing unprecedented times as Covid-19 has forced the country into lockdown. However, the recent development consent application from EDF Energy for the Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station provides an opportunity for the planning sector to begin to return to normal. This opinion considers whether it is possible to achieve full public consultation on the Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station application, given the current circumstances that the UK faces due to Covid-19. It is argued that the Planning Inspectorate has not currently taken sufficient action to ensure that members of the public who do not have internet access and those who require library access to make representations are not left out of the process. It is also argued that businesses and non-governmental organisations may also struggle to make representations at a time when they are suffering from limited resources. In conclusion, it is essential that the Planning Inspectorate takes immediate action to ensure that the public consultation process is preserved for applications of this kind while Covid-19 restrictions are in place.


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