Doing creative work with young people during lockdown (Kate Fisher and Rebecca Langlands)

By Kate Fisher and Rebecca Langlands

Effervescent work with at-risk young people to produce profound works of art that are usually displayed in Radiant Gallery, the world’s only art gallery curated to a professional standard by children. The practice involves an intensive and intimate process of creative play (including with historical objects) and co-curation over several months. As they become directors and producers, young people are nurtured to explore new thinking patterns, discover new passions, abilities and diverted away from harmful behaviours. Their insights are shared in extraordinary artistic creations that have a profound impact on audiences, and make and extraordinary difference to the lives and wellbeing of young people.

The impact of COVID-19 has been a profound shift in ways of working. The existing show at the gallery which was co-produced with Exeter’s Professors Kate Fisher and Rebecca Langlands, is currently closed and subsequent projects have been profoundly remodelled. In response, Effervescent’s CEO, Eloise Malone, explains how, while the needs of young people for their services has increased, strategies for working with young people have had to be radically rethought. She shares her top tips for continuing creative practice with children and young people, despite lockdown.

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