Dr. Ranita Chatterjee

Lecturer in Film and Television Studies

Research areas: Film history; twentieth century screen cultures; the cinemas of India; colonial film in the British Empire; creative industries and transnational film circulation

Professor Sally Faulkner

Assistant Deputy Vice Chancellor (Europe), Professor of Hispanic Studies and Film Studies

Research areas: Spanish- and Portuguese-language cinemas

Dr. Felicity Gee

Senior Lecturer in Modernism and World Cinema.

Research areas: modernism, surrealism, critical women’s writing, and film-philosophy

Professor Fiona Handyside

Associate Professor in Film Studies

Research areas: representations of girls and girlhood from a range of different national cinemas

Professor William Higbee

Professor in Film Studies and Programme Link Manager for the London Film School Partnership

Research areas: French and Francophone cinema, with a particular emphasis on immigrant and post-colonial cinema in France and the cinemas of the Maghreb

Professor Helen Hanson

Associate Professor in Film History

Research areas: industrial, generic, stylistic and representational histories of Hollywood cinema, innovation and creativity within industrial structures and hierarchies, film sound

Professor Danielle Hipkins

Professor of Italian Studies and Film

Research areas: Italian cinema, feminist film theory, gender representation, and cinema audiences

Professor Joe Kember

Professor in Film and Visual Culture

Research areas: early and silent cinema, Victorian and Edwardian popular entertainments including the magic lantern, theories of film affect, and issues concerning the representation of the human face

Professor James Lyons

Associate Professor

Research areas: American indepdnent cinema, documentary, risk, television

Dr. Benedict Morrison

Lecturer in Literature and Film

Research areas: queer film and television

Dr. Melissa Oliver-Powell

Lecturer in Film

Research areas: Feminist and queer critical theories, cinema’s interaction with gender-related social issues, feminist politics and reproductive rights, representations of motherhood and family in film, collective filmmaking and LGBTQ+ parenting in anglophone cinema.

Dr. Aidan Power

Lecturer in Film

Research areas: European and Hollywood cinemas with a specialisation on the relationship between science fiction film and the various crises (social, political, economic) to have beset the European Union in the 21stcentury

Dr. Debra Ramsay

Lecturer in Film Studies

Research areas: the relationship between war, memory and media

Mr David Salas

Lecturer in Film Practice

Research areas: ephemeral cinema

Dr. Lisa Smithstead

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Research areas: relationships between literature, gender and audiences in the early and interwar periods, intermedial exchanges between women’s film and print culture, archival film and literary studies, adaptation

Professor Linda Ruth Williams

Professor in Film Studies

Research areas: gender and culture, representations of sexuality and the history of censorship and classification

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