Process evaluation training workshops and seminars

Introductory Workshops 2020

Workshop title Location Date Time  
Introduction to process evaluation Rm 2.17, South Cloisters, St Luke’s Campus Tuesday 4th February 10:30-12:00


Developing theory and logic models for process evaluations Rm 2.17, South Cloisters, St Luke’s Campus Tuesday 11th February 10:30-12:00
Integrating data in mixed methods process evaluations Rm 2.17, South Cloisters, St Luke’s Campus Tuesday 18th February 10:30-12:00

Please contact  to register for a workshop. The workshops are designed as a series, to build on each other, but you may also sign up for individual sessions.


Previous seminars

  • Introduction to process evaluations of complex interventions
  • Designing good process evaluations in the new era of complex interventions research
  • What is process evaluation? Language, concepts and principles
  • The new MRC process evaluation guidance: opportunities for researchers
  • Representing ‘process’ in process evaluation: using theory and logic models
  • Choosing what to measure and when to measure it
  • Measuring fidelity: form and function
  • Tensions between process and outcomes studies: hawthorne effects, blinding and publishing order
  • Using mixed methods: letting data talk to each other
  • Researching interventions as complex systems
  • Researching causation and explaining outcomes
  • Improving the quality of qualitative research in trials
  • Moderation and mediation analysis for process evaluation
  • Designing streamlined process evaluations
  • Mixed-methods mediation analysis for process evaluation
  • What is the difference between realist evaluation and process evaluation?
  • How does ‘implementation’ in process evaluation relate to the ‘implementation studies’ field?

Please email if you have a training or seminar topic request. Details about internal Institute of Health Research training sessions and seminars are advertised via the Institute of Health Research email list.