Institute for New Economic Thinking Announces 6th Grant Round

The Institute for New Economic Thinking aims to foster open discourse and to advance new thinking on economic issues and theory. The Institute’s notion of new economic thinking is deliberately open and non-dogmatic. Our hope is to support research that transforms our understanding of major economic problems and improves analysis of policy.

In this grant round, in addition to our call for research, we seek to fund projects that promise to advance the way economics is taught in and out of formal courses in economics. Preference will be given to projects promising lasting improvements in course materials and pedagogy that could potentially be widely adopted, rather than seminars or courses offered on a one-off basis dependent on continued outside funding. These proposals will be segmented and considered separately from the other applications.

In our sixth round of grants, we plan to fund proposals of up to $250,000. The deadline for the first stage of applications is October 20, 2014. For guidance on how to prepare an application for either type of grant, see our Grants FAQ. Note that efficient use of resources is a factor in the evaluation process.

Click here for full funding call.