Frequently Asked Questions

PI Salaries – what can I claim?

M2D Feasibility funding is not intended to support the (PI) salaries of academic faculty members on full time permanent contracts, nor as a “top-up fund” to an existing salary. We are willing however to consider exceptional circumstances. An example of such might be someone who is in between early career contracts and is using this as an opportunity to work up an application to a larger grant or fellowship scheme. If you feel you fall into this latter category, then make the funding request in your application with clear justification of your circumstances [current for the duration of the proposed project]


What can I claim funding for?

M2D Funding can be used to pay PI Salaries (as mentioned above), consumables, travel & subsistence, and some small equipment costs (not including computer workstations), all directly incurred by the study.


My project is computationally-intensive and I require a powerful computer, can M2D help?

The purchase of computer equipment (desktops and laptops etc.) unfortunately does not qualify as an eligible cost under EPSRC  Terms and Conditions. Essentially, these costs are treated as overheads / bench fees. Therefore, we would expect the Host Institution to provide any necessary computer equipment.


Early Career Researchers – I’m  currently a PhD Student, can I apply?

M2D Feasibility funding is not intended to support PhD research. However, PhD students may apply as Early Career Researchers if they can provide evidence that their PhD will be completed before the start date of the proposed M2D Project.


Economic Costing – what can I apply for?

As part of your M2D Project Application you may request 100% of directly incurred costs (no overheads).


Can M2D fund Open Access publication costs?

Due to changes in RCUK funding rules, which took effect in April 2013, we are not able to fund publication costs from the M2D Grant. This is because UK Universities have now been given a central block grant by RCUK specifically in support of publication costs. Further information regarding RCUK Policy on Open Access can be found online here: RCUK Policy on Open Access


I’m a researcher working outside of the UK, can I apply to the M2D feasibility funding scheme?

M2D feasibility funding is only able to fund staff of UK based, RCUK eligible Institutions. However, this does not prevent you from collaborating with colleagues at such UK Institutions. One example of how this might work is that a Project Investigator (PI) at a UK (RCUK eligible) Institution might apply for funds to allow you to come and work for up to 6 months at their Institution (Pilot Project Scheme).