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M2D 2018 Conference Schedule

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Monday, June 11

10.30-11.25 Registration, Tea & Coffee on Arrival

M2D 2018 Opening Plenary. Chairs Peter Challenor & Catherine Powell.

11.25-11.30 Dr Christie Marr (Deputy Director, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge) A few words of welcome.

11.30-12.30 Prof. Jason Lowe (Met Office, Hadley Centre and Priestley International Centre for Climate Chair) From climate models to real world decisions. 


Challenges in Trust in Models. Chairs: Richard Bradley (LSE) and Chris Dent (Edinburgh)

13.30-15.00 Tom Philp (XLCatlin), Wendy Parker (Durham), Jim Smith (Warwick) and Andrew Wright (Ofgem)

Refreshments Break

Oral Presentations

15.30-15.50 Dimitra Salmanidou (University College London) Potential large tsunami hazards associated with landslide failure along the West coast of India: from uncertainties to planning decision
15.50-16.10 Melody Ni (Imperial College London) Trust in medical technologies and confidence in clinical decision-making
16.10-16.30 Joe Roussos (London School of Economics) Making confident decisions with model ensembles
16.30-16.50 Erica Thompson (London School of Economics) From questions to models to decisions: dialogue to support effective use of simulation modelling

Poster Blitz

17.00-17.30 One minute poster pitches.

Welcome Drinks Reception – networking and posters

Tuesday 12 June

Mathematical Challenges in Uncertainty Quantification Chairs: Catherine Powell (Manchester) and David Woods (Southampton)

09.00-10.30 Tim Waite (Manchester),  Max Gunzburger (Florida State University) and Ines Cecilio (Schlumberger)

Break for tea and coffee

Oral Presentations

11.00-11.20 Victoria Stephenson (University College London) Overcoming Uncertainty in Legacy Engineering Resilience Modelling for Flood Hazards 
11.20-11.40 John Bruun (Katy Sheen) (University of Exeter) Enhancing earth system decision making capacity with dominant frequency state analysis 
11.40-12.00 David Cameron (CEH-Edinburgh) Managing Uncertainties in Modelling Air Pollution (MU-MAP) 
12:00-12.20 Francesca Pianosi (University of Bristol) Robust and transparent planning and operation of water resource infrastructure


Challenges in Model Discrepancy Chairs: Alex Diaz (Liverpool) and Peter Challenor (Exeter)

13.30-15.00 Jenny Brynjarsdottir (Case Western Reserve University), Ed Wheatcroft (London School of Economics), Richard Ahlfeld (UQuant, Imperial College London) and Michael Goldstein (Durham University)

Break for tea and coffee

 [Mini-Discussions] Developing a Research Agenda on:

15.30-16.00 Uncertainty Quantification. Chairs: Catherine Powell and David Woods
16.00-16.30 From Models to Decisions. Chairs: Richard Bradley and Julie Gore

18:00-19.30     Evening Reception and Social at Cambridge University Press Bookshop

Wednesday 13 June

Challenges in Communication and Visualisation. Chairs:Julie Gore (Bath) and James Lyons (Exeter)

09.00-10.30 Wendy Jephson (Nasdaq) and Neesha Kadagoda (VALCRI)

Break for tea and coffee

Oral Presentations

11.00-11.20 Ekaterina Svetlova (University of Leicester) Communication of uncertainties about company’s future to capital markets
11.20-11.40 Alexandra Freeman (University of Cambridge) The effects of communicating uncertainty about numbers and facts
11.40-12.00 Suraje Dessai (University of Leeds) Building narratives to characterise uncertainty in regional climate change through expert elicitation

[Mini-Discussions] Developing a Research Agenda on:

12.00-12.30 Uncertainty Visualisation. Chairs: James Lyons and Alex Freeman

Lunch, followed by free time for the afternoon. 

19:00               Conference Gala Dinner, Murray Edwards College

Thursday 14 June

Plenary talk. Chair Peter Challenor

09.00-09.50 Danny Williamson (University of Exeter) From big models to big decisions: what is the role of uncertainty in adaption to climate change (and what should it be)?

Platform Presentations

09.50-10.10 Leonard Smith (LSE) Beyond Forecasting: Using Today’s Model(s) to Forewarn Decision Makers
10.10-10.30 Dan Pagendam (CSIRO Data61 Brisbane) Making better decisions in the face of uncertainty in digital agriculture: The Uncertainty Toolbox

Break for tea and coffee

Research Agenda Roundtable Discussions

11.00-11.50 Uncertainty Quantification. Chairs: Catherine Powell and David Woods. Room – tbc
11.00-11.50 From Models to Decisions. Chairs: Richard Bradley and Julie Gore. Room – tbc
11.00-11.50 Communicating Uncertainty. Chairs: James Lyons and Alex Freeman. Room – tbc

11:50-12:30 Research Agenda Synergy – bringing the above separate discussions together. 


M2D 2018 Closing Plenary. Chair Peter Challenor 

13.30-14.30 Prof. Sir David Spiegelhalter OBE FRS (Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk, University of Cambridge). Trustworthy communication of numbers. 

 How to find us | Event Map 

Friday 15 June

Open for Business 

Uncertainty Quantification for Complex Systems – Development in Theory and Methodologies

This one day workshop will take place at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge and is being organised by Prof Peter Challenor and Dr Catherine Powell as part of the Uncertainty Quantification Programme.

This is a separate event to the M2D2018 Conference, but many may find it relevant and interesting to stay on for. Please follow this link for further information and details on how to register.



M2D Conference 2018

11 – 14th June 2018, Cambridge.

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End of August 2018 – date to be confirmed

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September – date to be confirmed

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