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Winton Centre M2D Workshop in Communicating Uncertainty. - Models to Decisions

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Winton Centre M2D Workshop in Communicating Uncertainty.

26 – 27 November 2018 | Ye Olde Bell lnn, Berkshire, UK


Applications (including places reserved for early career researchers) will open on 1st September 2018.


The Winton Centre for Risk & Evidence Communication at the University of Cambridge, in association with the M2D Network are delighted to announce that they are holding a 24hr workshop on communicating uncertainty on November 26-27 2018, at Ye Olde Bell Inn in Berkshire.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together modellers and researchers with uncertainties to communicate, professional communicators and graphic designers from a range of backgrounds, and representatives of the decision-making audiences.

The workshop will be extremely practical, with participants divided into three groups to work on the communication of uncertainty in one of three fields: Medicine, Climate Change and Economics / Business.  Each group will consist of researchers and their target audience, along with professional communicators to help create potential graphics and phrases that will assist the communication issue.

In the first afternoon the groups will work together intensely to create a graphical format each to communicate the uncertainties in an example chosen from their field. Overnight (whilst the participants enjoy dinner) these will be tested and evaluated online. The following morning, the results of that evaluation will be analysed and the groups will refine their communications as a result before lunch and departure.

Overnight accommodation and all meals will be provided, and travel bursaries will be available to early career researchers and members of the target audiences who would otherwise not be able to attend.

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