Creative Corner

In Issue 56, the 2013 edition of Pegasus, the editors decided to create the “Creative Corner.” This section of the journal is designed for members of the department to submit any piece of prose, poetry, and translation (into any language) so long as it is inspired by some aspect of the classical world.

The winning entries are given a small monetary reward and printed in the journal. You can read through a list of successful entries and any runners-up that the editors wished to post online below:

    • Winners 2013
  • Poetry: Sam Hayes – A Modern Juvenal.
  • Prose: S. Duff & N. Oncents (Presumed Pseudonym) – An Alternative Dictionary of the Classical World. [Printed as a supplement to the main issue].
  • Translation: Alexander Mallin – The Calydonian Boar Hunt.


    • Winners 2014
  • Poetry: Scott Carless – The Wreck of the Argo.
  • Prose: S. Duff & N. Oncents (Presumed Pseudonym) – A Recent Discovery.
  • Translation: Scott Carless – Persius Satire 3.1-38.

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