The Lawrence Shenfield Prize

The Lawerence Shenfield Prize was established having received a generous bequest from Dr Shenfield. The Lawrence Shenfield Prize will be awarded annually until 2019 to the best undergraduate submission to Pegasus. In its inaugural year, the editorial board was inundated with more than 20 undergraduate articles and after a very difficult decision, the board was pleased to award the inaugural Lawrence Shenfield prize to Chris Davies, a second-year Ancient History student for his amazing poem. Highly recommended were Eleanor Davies’ excellent essay on Thucydides which is also being published and Hannah Porter’s beautiful black-figure vase. All of these can be seen in the 2009 issue of Pegasus.

In 2010, the submissions continued apace and Jack Bullen’s essay on “Libertas in Neronian Literature” won first prize. Two other essays were chosen as runners-up. The follow up to Chris Davies’ winning poem from 2009 and Benni Rodewyk’s essay on Dismemberment. Both runner-up essays are exclusive web content, please click on the title to view the article.

In 2011, the prize entered its third year. Greg Heath-Kelly’s essay “Is Aristophanes an ‘intellectual’ comedian?” won first prize. Charlotte Simpson’s and Hannah Porter’s essays our this year’s runner-ups and available only on our website, please click on the title to view the article.

In 2012, after a very difficult decision the judging panel awarded first place to Marion Osieyo, a final year BA Classical Studies student, for her entry, “Double Jeopardy: Natal-Marital Conflict in Greek Myth and Society”.  This year’s two runners up were Jolyon Drew with an essay on “Looking for ‘the Boxer’ of the Museo della Terme” and Hannah Oldham with a short story on Io. These runner-up essays are exclusive web content, please click on the title to view the article.

The 2013 Prize has been awarded to first year Classics student, Tom McConnell, for his essay on intertextuality in the Homeric Epics. Runners up were Ed Sykes and Jessica Mackenzie, whose entries you can read below.

2014’s Prize was awarded to first year Ancient History student, Jack West-Sherring, for an essay on the future of Latin. Runners up were Lawrence Crumbie (also printed in an edition of The Undergraduate), Sangeeta Grantham-Youngs, and Cressida Travis. As ever, all runners-up have been published electronically below:

List of Winners

    • Winner 2009
  • Chris Davies – “An Epicurean Adoption”
    • Runners-up 2009
  • Eleanor Davies – “The Fall of the Peisistratids in Thucydides VI”
  • Hannah Porter – “Black-Figure vase”
    • Winner 2010
  • Jack Bullen – “Libertas in Neronian Literature”
    • Runners-up 2010
    • Winner 2011
  • Greg Heath-Kelly – “Is Aristophanes an ‘intellectual’ comedian?”
    • Runners-up 2011
    • Winner 2012
  • Marion Osieyo – “Double Jeopardy: Natal-Marital Conflict in Greek Myth and Society”
    • Runners-up 2012
    • Winner 2013
  • Tom McConnell, ‘Oral Composition and its Effect on the Intertextuality of the Homeric Poems’
    • Runners-up 2014

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