Our student editors interview Professor Tim Quine

“It’s easier to meet someone from China but harder to meet your neighbour” After finishing […]

A short reflection on my journey as a Digital Learning Assistant

Having just discovered the Student Campus Partners (SCP) concept I rushed to apply for the […]

Gather Town. By Josh Oldridge (CEMPS DLD)

A new craze is sweeping through the maths department and other disciplines: Gather Town. I […]

Deadlines or Dead Lions?

A short thought-piece by Poppy Osborne from our Auditio Interview with Graham Perkins This is […]

Has it been 10 years or 10 months?

Emma Wood (MSc) is a Management lecturer in the Business School. When Poppy asked Emma […]

“At the end of the day, learning is learning, and teaching is teaching” 

Dr. Caitlin Kight, Senior Academic Developer at the University of Exeter has faced significant changes as an education professional during the […]

Graduate jobs: Assessment Centre and final interviews

What to expect, how to respond and top nerve-busting techniques  By Poppy Osborne Final year […]

Pause for a Moment (and read this)

By Elizabeth Chandler, first year Business Student at Penryn Campus. As a member of the […]

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