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Posted by on 24th Apr, 2019

University of Exeter Business School Societies

Not only can you meet new people with shared interests, but being part of a society is a great addition to your CV and shows you are a well-rounded person. There are over 200 to choose from in the students’ guild, but this blog will be taking a look at the more business focused ones. With so many amazing societies on offer to choose from, how will you decide?

Exeter Business and Finance Society (BFS)

Business and Finance Society (BFS) brings together like-minded individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines to develop their career aspirations and offer business insight and opportunities in a social and fun way. It is one of the biggest societies on campus and it’s not hard to see why. BFS run regular events throughout the year as well as successful intramural football and netball teams. Some examples of the events they run include: Opportunities Fair, Office Visits/Alumni Drinks providing excellent industry insight, networking opportunities, the extremely popular Winter and Spring Balls and the annual Summer Garden Party. They also run weekly Financial Forum and Investment Club meetings which give attendees a real understanding of the stock market and trading experience.

Exeter Entrepreneurs society

Exeter Entrepreneurs society is the second biggest society on campus, has gained many prestigious awards over last few years and it’s totally free to join too. Becoming a member gives you a chance to network with other budding entrepreneurs at socials and build connections with top entrepreneurs and employers at one of the speaker or career events. You also can gain invaluable new skills through super popular workshops such as learning to code, how to set up your business step by step and how to invest in cryptocurrencies. These skills will also develop your general employability and you will also have the chance to be in direct contact with prestigious companies during the opportunities fairs run by sponsors. Have an idea? Join one of their business+tech hackathons or pitching events to build your team, develop your idea and launch it with the support of top mentors and funds.

University of Exeter Women In Business Society (XWIB)

XWIB is a community of around 400 like-minded, ambitious students who are interested in gaining more knowledge about the workplace. The society aims to provide members with the opportunity to develop personally and professionally, equipping them with skills to navigate male-dominated environments. It is open to all members of the university, irrespective of course of study – women in business society isn’t just for those who study business/law! As a member, the year is packed full of academic and non-academic events, trips, joint society socials, dinners and balls. Some events ran previously include: ‘women in tech’ workshop with Accenture, a women in leadership talk from TED Talk speaker Emma Stroud, Unilever office trip, cocktail nights and much more.

Global Investor’s Circle Society

The Global Investor’s Circle is Exeter’s one and only society where you will get to meet other like-minded people interested in International Trade and Investment, Emerging Markets and Geo-Politics. This could be your first step towards starting an international business. Becoming a member will help give you an insight into the current business environment. The society aims to provide broad business knowledge to members in areas such as tax saving, and Sales booming. Throughout the year several CEOs are invited to give lectures to members.

Management and Marketing Society

This is a great society for those already interested in pursuing a career in management and marketing or even those who are curious about these subjects. Members are supported in their professional career journey through a variety of academic and social events aimed at developing skills and networking. The society puts on a talk series with guest management and marketing pundits as well as non-academic events. Examples of previous events they have run include: Spring Ball, meals out, a talk on standing out in digital marketing, a Mazars’ Workshop on commercial awareness and a business game with PwC.

With Industrial Experience (WIE) Society

The WIE society was established in September 2017 and brings together students who are looking to take a placement year, are applying for a placement, are on placement and who have returned from their placement. Becoming a member provides you with application process mentoring by 4th Years who did a placement in your field of interest, which will increase your chances of securing a placement. You will meet and socialise with WIE students of all years, building your network for years to come. This will ensure you have a solid support network and a bunch of familiar faces when you return from your placement. The society puts on networking events with placement and graduate employers as well as workshops and presentations such as ‘finding accommodation/a placement abroad’.

Enactus Exeter
Enactus: Where business meets charity.

Enactus is Exeter University’s Social Enterprise society; just one of a larger network of student societies spread across Universities all over the world. They create projects that tackle global issues such as poverty, waste or homelessness. The society’s Local and International projects see a problem, use entrepreneurial action to find a solution and improve the lives of the individuals and communities that they work with. These projects are not charities – they are social enterprises: innovative businesses that empower beneficiaries and make a difference to society. Becoming a member will help set you apart from other students. You will get to take part in workshops and training opportunities to improve and refine your business and leadership skills. You’ll be working alongside other like-minded individuals and building projects together. Most importantly, you’ll be changing the world for the better. There are three membership streams you can apply to: New Project Fast Stream, Current Project Stream, or Finance Stream.

As you can see, there is something on offer to suit everyone here. You can find out more about these societies by visiting the students’ Guild website here or by checking out the society’s social media pages and websites.


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