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Create a degree that’s unique to you - Business School Blog

Posted by on 23rd Apr, 2019

Create a degree that’s unique to you

Being able to create a bespoke university experience is not only a great way to make amazing memories, it also enhances your employability. But what does that actually mean? A year abroad or work experience – even taking part in sports and societies – develops your skills outside the classroom, from leadership to resilience, communications to problem solving. When it comes to job applications, being able to list these on your CV, and talk about them at interview, will really help potential employers remember you. That’s why we offer a range of degree enhancements so you can build a bespoke degree that you really love, and that makes your CV shine.

Work Experience

Relevant work experience is more important than ever in the increasingly competitive job market. The incredible range of opportunities to gain work experience at the Business School mean you can find something suited to you.

An excellent way to immerse yourself in the world of work and gain some serious experience is to add ‘with Industrial Experience’ to your degree, meaning you undertake a paid work placement in your third year, before returning to university for your fourth and final year. Students who choose ‘with Industrial Experience’ return from their placement more confident in their abilities, have a better idea of what they would like to do after graduating and have a head start in securing a graduate role. Hear what students thought of their placements on our website.

Alternatively you could choose to take the Business Internships and Placements Module, allowing you to secure valuable paid work experience with top graduate employers, alongside receiving guidance via seminars, online resources and one-to-one support. The module is worth 15 credits, therefore contributing to your degree, and can be taken if you also wish to do a year abroad.

The Business School Careers Team can also help you secure other work experience opportunities, through activities such as Spring Insight Days, Career Mentoring and short term internships.

The University offers opportunities to undertake a paid internship on campus known as a Student Campus Partnership (SCP) or with a local business know as a Student Business Partnership (SBP). The roles range from marketing, research and business planning to web development and more. Subsidies and grants are available to help students secure funding known as Access to Internships (A2I).

Sector specific training courses and internships delivered by industry experts is available known as ‘Professional Pathways’. Following the training, students are placed on a week-long internship.  Click here to find out more about internships.

Study and work abroad

If you love to experience new counties and cultures you might want to consider doing a ‘With European Study’ (WES) or ‘With International Study’ (WIS) programme. Similar to the ‘With Industrial Experience’ programme, the programme is four years long with the third year spent abroad. The chance to experience different cultures, languages and values will grow your professional skillset. Living in another country will enhance your adaptability, cross-cultural communication, self-confidence and resilience – all of which can help set you apart from other graduates.

If you are on a WES programme, there is the option to study in Europe for one semester, and work in Europe for another, giving you dual benefits of international work and study. There is also the option to do study abroad summer school for a taste of what life abroad is like. This available to both those on a three or four year programme and is usually two-six weeks long. Click here to find out more about Study aboard. 

Specialise in entrepreneurship

You now have the chance to add ‘with Entrepreneurship’ to your degree title if you choose to study four out of the five specialist entrepreneurship modules on offer. This is ideal for those thinking about starting their own business in the future or for those that want to demonstrate they are business minded to employers. Click here to find out more.


Careers support

The Business school has its own dedicated careers team who deliver workshops and 1-1 sessions to help with your CV, practice interview techniques, prepare for psychometric testing and more.

They run a wide range of employability events throughout the year to help you develop your career skills. Many of these events are run by leading employers such as Accenture, EY, JP Morgan and L’Oreal, who visit the business school to offer their advice and insights into their businesses. For example, in the past EY have run practice interview sessions using actual questions used in their interviews. Taking part in as many of these events as you can will set you up to succeed in the graduate job market.


Develop your language skills

Why not study a foreign language alongside your degree? You can have ‘With Proficiency in (chosen language)’ added to your degree title when you study at least 60 credits worth of optional modules in one language. If you would rather specialise in something else, then there are foreign language evening classes on offer at the FLC. Click here to find out more.




Modules with other colleges

Many of the Business School undergraduate programmes offer the opportunity to undertake modules from another department at the University, for example Politics or Geography. This can be a great benefit to you academically and enhance your employability. Click here to find out more. 

These are all ways to enhance your degree within the business school but you can also become more attractive to employers by getting involved with one of the many (over 200) societies on campus.


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