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Top tips for new students (Cornwall) - Business School Blog

Posted by on 29th Jul, 2019

Olya, BSc Business

Starting your new life at university might be scary, but here you can find a little bit of information about what to do when you get to Penryn Campus, where to get more information about Freshers’ events, and tips from current students.

First things first

Let’s start with your new bedroom – for your new room you will need some bedding, covers, pillows and towels. Two years ago, when I arrived on campus I had to sleep without bedding and covers for 3 days as I didn’t realise I had to bring them. If you made the same mistake, don’t worry… ASDA (the nearest store) will have everything you need! You can get pillows, duvets, bedding, towels and bathroom mats there. You can always order items on Amazon and collect from Glasney Lodge reception too (that’s the accommodation I was in). I think it is also a good idea to buy something to decorate your new room. You’re going to spend a whole year on campus, so it is important to make it cosy and feel like home.

Toiletries – if you forgot to bring something from home, you can always get some essentials in town or in the shop on campus. There are a big Boots and Superdrug in Falmouth. ASDA also sells a lot of stuff, so check it out.

Lectures – if you are planning on writing your notes down during lectures, you can get simple notebooks at the campus shop or in town as well. I had 4 different ones for 4 different modules, however a lot of students bring their laptops instead too.

Clothes – yes, we are next to the beach but if you need some warm clothes, you can go shopping in Truro, it is only 15 mins away by train from the Penryn Station which is 7 mins away from the campus by foot. You can also go to Plymouth, a very nice port city, which is an hour away by train. It has a lot of different shops and a very nice place to visit.

I would recommend you to get a rain coat or an umbrella, as we are in England, it will be raining sometimes! It is also great to have some comfy clothes to go to the beach or to have chill time with your flatmates in the kitchen. If you are planning on going surfing, kayaking or paddle boarding, don’t worry about getting a wetsuit, you can rent it at the beach or in town.

What to do when you’re on Campus?

Hopefully you have already moved in and become good friends with your flatmates! During the ‘move in’ weekend, you should have received your University ID Card and registered at the local doctors’ surgery, if not you can still do all of these things during the Freshers’ Week.

During the Freshers’ week volunteers will be doing campus tours, so you might want to sign up for one to know campus a little bit better.

Another important thing – look at the information/flyers/cards they gave you in The Stannary when you come to collect your ID, you don’t want to miss out on cool events, right? Look at what’s happening during this week. A lot of societies are doing tester sessions during the first month for free! Definitely try as many as you can and after you can choose one you can sign up for.

Also, there are will be three big parties for Freshers’ – one of them is Freshers’ Ball – definitely worth going! Always try to do as many things as you can and go to all events as possible.

Some general tips:

Don’t be shy, talk to as many people as you can, everyone is in the same boat as you are. No one has friends straight away, no one knows the campus well JUST YET! In just a couple of weeks you will learn the campus & you will have really good friends.

Become good friends with your flatmates as you are going to see them quite often, if you are having any troubles at your flat, just let the University know, they will try to sort it out and might offer you to move in to another flat.

Visit Gylly and Swanpool beaches, great places to relax or spend some time with your new friends.

Go to Freshers’ events – you will have so much fun!

Go to Freshers’ Fair and sign up to as many societies as you can as well as try a lot of taster sessions, so you can choose which societies you like the most.

My last tip – just talk to as many people as you want, make your room cosy as it is going to be your home for a while and just enjoy your first year! I promise you will have the best time of your life!



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