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Why study a Masters degree in the UK? - Business School Blog

Posted by on 6th Aug, 2019

The motivations to do a Masters degree vary, we look a some of the popular reasons why students choose to do a Masters programme:

Take a step forward in your career

According to the Higher Education Academy’s Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2018, the most popular reason for choosing a Masers programme is to progress in your current career path. Career advancement and ‘upskilling’ yourself is becoming ever more important in a constantly evolving workplace. A study by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, predicted that around 1 in 7 jobs (15%) will likely need a postgraduate degree by 2022.

Completing a Masters itself is an incredibly impressive achievement, it demonstrates to employers your ability to engage with complex material and complete more challenging assessment tasks in a short period of time.

Step up into a new career

Not all students begin a Masters course straight after studying an undergraduate degree. Many students return to university after working for a few years as they want to gain new skills or completely change their career direction. Some programmes are designed as conversion courses solely for this purpose, to help provide you with the skills to enter your chosen field without prior training. For example, our MSc Management programme has been designed for students from any subject background looking to enter a management role but is also relevant for students from a management background looking to deepen their knowledge.

Build a global network

The UK has always been a popular place for international students to study Masters programmes, this means that you will have the opportunity to work with students from across the globe. This is a great opportunity to not only grow your network, but to learn how different cultures deal with the same problems, giving you an invaluable international perspective that is highly valued by employers. You can chat to our current students about what it is like to study in the UK as an international student on our Unibuddy page.

Prepare for a PhD

If you want to move into an academic role, a Masters programme can provide the perfect springboard to a research or PhD programme. By studying for a Masters degree you will enhance your subject knowledge and gain the fundamental skills needed to carry out independent research which is crucial for successfully working towards a PhD.

A range of study options

Masters programmes vary in length with full-time courses normally lasting between 9 to 12-months and part-time courses from two to three years. Some are designed to be flexible so if you want to study alongside your current role you can, there has been a large increase in distance learning and online courses meaning you don’t have to pause your career whilst you study.


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