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Which finance Masters is right for you? - Business School Blog

Posted by on 22nd Mar, 2019

With so many finance programmes on offer, deciding which is right for you is not an easy decision. We break down the difference and benefits of our four Masters programmes to help make the choice a little easier and to help you direct your career in the right direction.

Financial Analysis and Fund Management 

Our flagship Masters is ideal if you wish to study advanced financial theory and are looking to acquire expertise in investment analysis and fund management. The programme is best suited to if you have previously studied accounting, finance, economics and maths.

The programme is taught over 12-months and has gained ‘University Affiliation Program’ status by the CFA Institute® affiliation status, allowing you to work towards CFA levels one and two examinations in addition to your MSc. It is a very intensive programme, so we also provide additional training during a three week induction to ensure you are best prepared.

Finance and investment 

This was the first Finance and Investment Masters to have started in the UK, and has gained an international reputation for providing excellent training and academic knowledge.

This programme is a good fit if you prefer a bit more flexibility and are looking to launch your international finance career. It is accredited by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI), so you can work towards a qualification from the CISI alongside your studies.

There is a nine or 12-month format and the ability to tailor the course content to suit your aspirations. If you are more practically minded and prefer modelling, you may be better suited to the nine month programme without a dissertation, as opposed to the 12-month programme.

Both MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management and MSc Finance and Investment provide you with the opportunity to extend your programme with the prestigious QTEM Network. This involves you taking part in a one-semester exchange and a two-month internship leading to the award of a QTEM certificate demonstrating your high-level analytical ability, work experience and international exposure.

Finance and Marketing

In the finance service industry, at least 30% of the jobs are in marketing or client facing roles, so if you wish to specialise in marketing within the banking and financial services sectors, then this is the programme for you.

Finance and Marketing has a nine or 12-month format with a dissertation if you choose to study for 12-months. The programme offers two accredited pathways with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Chartered Banker Institute (CBI), giving you the opportunity to work towards a Diploma in Professional Marketing after you graduate or attain Associate Membership status with the CBI.

Finance and Management

This programme is ideal for anyone wanting to start or progress their career in the finance function of an organisation and then move into general management later.

You will gain a solid foundation in finance, an overview of the management functions within an organisation, and an introduction into the main ideas and functions of international business and marketing. Most students on this programme end up in one of three broad career areas: Corporate/family businesses or firms, the banking/finance industry or consultancy.

Want to find out what it’s like to study here?

Find out what being a Finance postgraduate student at Exeter is really like by talking to our current students.


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