Change & Resilience in Antiquity Seminar Series, April-July 2021

This (online) seminar series explores change and resilience in ancient individuals and societies.

Transitions, transformations and mutations can be detected in all spheres of activity and thought, including political systems, social structures, religious beliefs, philosophical thought, economic patterns, and cultural trends, etc. But change often creates discomfort and resistance, more often than not, increases suffering. For an individual or society to emerge successfully from transformation, the ability to rebound, absorb, and adapt is key. In this seminar series, we are interested, therefore, in not only exploring how change was perceived and rationalised by ancient individuals and societies, but also how these individuals and societies understood and cultivated resilience in the face of transformation, distress, and adversity.

If you have any queries, please contact one of the series organisers: Dr Emma Nicholson ( or Dr Irene Salvo (

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