How can we create shared understanding of our experiences of health and in isolation? (Jessie Stanier)

By Jessie Stanier

Jessie is working with Nicole Miglio (San Raffaele University, Milan) and Dr Luna Dolezal (Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health, University of Exeter) to edit a special issue of ‘Puncta: Journal of Critical Phenomenology.’ They are bringing together perspectives on self-isolation, home, public health, temporality, collectivity, and empathy to analyse how public policies and power affect people’s lives in differential and exclusionary ways. In particular, they ask whose stories and firsthand experiences shape our collective understanding of global public health and who might be excluded from this process of sense-making. ‘Puncta’ is an open-access peer-reviewed philosophical journal. Anyone will be free to read the special issue online when it is released next year.

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