Network Member Profile: Dr Elina Amadhila

Here is another member profile for you, showing what diverse expertise the Disability in Namibia network has!

It is great to be working with Dr Elina Amadhila of the University of Namibia, who is a multidisciplinary researcher with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in research (University of Namibia), as well as a PhD in Development Finance (Stellenbosch University). Elina has considerable experience in disability studies, having worked as research assistant and post-graduate research fellow in the EquitAble ‘collaborative’ project which focused on addressing the situation of people with disabilities and other marginalised or vulnerable groups with regards to access and quality of health services.

Elina’s role in the Disability in Namibia project is linking health to the aspect of development and contrasting the experiences from the global south (where I am from) to those in the global north (where collaborative partners are from). We are looking forward to hearing her talk about her perspectives on disability in our workshop in December (see our Workshop 3 page for further details).

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