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Science and Maths PGCE community April 2023 - Exeter Early Career Teacher

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Science and Maths PGCE community April 2023

Notes and recording from the meeting in April 2023.

Here are the slides from the meeting with the info to read offline, please have a read through.
summer term 2023 Lead Mentor Training Development and Consultation (1)[45] – Read-Only

Here is the prompt material, one as sent out and one with comments added
TDC April 2023 commented
TDC April 2023 LMs

Here is the recording of the discussion from the first session


Also we have a wonderful cross-curricular seminar day on the 12th of May for the trainees. Here is the playlist for your info so you can point trainees at suitable sessions:
SD4 May2023_CrossCirricular

Next Meeting will be:


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