Creative Writing

As part of lockdown living, we have still been holding weekly team meetings remotely. This week as a bit of fun, I challenged the team to think about their research in a more creative way. To see if we could come up with some poetry using similes and metaphors to describe the research we undertake in the EM3 Team.

I asked the team if your research was a colour, a day of the week, a type of weather or a piece of furniture what would it be?

Here are some of our efforts:

Sunny + windy

Our future will be green
But we’re only at Tuesday so far
But it’s sunny and windy, we’re going the right way
We have shelves of microbes, shelves of minerals
Shelves of chemistry, and shelves of rocks


Copper beach, copper leach
Thinking on a Friday
How does it leach

Sitting at my desk
Stormy day, no success with my leach

A new start
Sitting at my desk
Add some bacteria
Blue solution, success at last

Cloudy, but bright

Sediment is brown like chocolate,
Bright blue skies and fresh white clouds,
Tuesday is the most productive day, I need an X-Ray
Opening the door of the wardrobe in to a Narnia of data

Jody Grassby

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