Peirou Li

I am from China and I graduated from Sichuan University with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Engineering. My research topic is the stabilization effect of humin on vanadium-contaminated soil.

I am currently studying for my Ph.D. at the University of Exeter, Cornwall, on “The study on effect and reaction mechanism of biogenic Mn oxides on remediation of heavy metals”. I had studied mainly chemical materials, but when I was first introduced to biology I was very interested in culturing microorganisms and was particularly happy when they grew successfully.

I enjoyed living in the UK and the weather in Cornwall is very similar to where I am from (Chengdu). The supervisors, colleagues, and students here were very friendly and I enjoyed spending time with our EM3 family.



Peirou Li

I am a PhD student from China, majoring in geology. My research interest is in using microorganisms in the environment to solve heavy metal pollution problems, and Cornwall is quiet and beautiful which is great for studying.

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