NERC ECR Outreach Project

Early Career Researchers (ECRs) from CSM and the ESI have been helping school children think about mining past and future in the South West region. Funded by a NERC ‘Growing Roots’ outreach grant, Alastair Skeffington, Jody Grassby, Elin Jennings and Patrizia Onnis are visiting schools running sessions that are a mixture of presentations, games and lab experiments.

Year 9 classes have been learning about mining though a murder mystery game, while year 11’s have had
the chance to use microbes, make rocks and learn about geomicrobiology. The students have been encouraged to think about the various science-related careers available in the mining industry
and related services.

In addition our staff have been developing an online resource for teachers which can also be used for
wider public engagement.

Follow the link for more information: https://www.penriceacademy.org/year-9-mining-workshop/


Rebecca Kirk

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