User Meeting 2020

EXTREMAG Virtual User Meeting

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Please follow the link above to register and obtain a link to join the GoToWebinar meeting.  Registration is approved by the Organising Committee.  To avoid delays in receiving your link, we ask that you register in advance of the meeting.

The first EXTREMAG User Meeting is scheduled for the 22nd of July, 2020 at the University of Exeter.  The virtual User Meeting will take place over half a day using the GoToWebinar platform.  The meeting will include a combination of invited talks and contributed talks from users.  These will be followed by a presentation about developments in EXTREMAG and a forum for discussion of future directions within the facility.

Invited Speakers

Invited speakers include:

Rostislav Mikhaylovskiy, Lancaster University

Georg Woltersdorf – Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Rudolf Schäfer – IFW Dresden


While the EXTREMAG virtual User Meeting meeting is free, we ask you to please register in order to obtain an access link.  Registration will open on the 3rd of July with further details provided on this web page ahead of the meeting.

Please register for the EXTREMAG Virtual User Meeting here, or at the link above.


Invited talks will be 25 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions and discussion.

Contributed talks will be 10 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions and discussion.

Start End Speaker Affiliation Talk
13:00 13:10 Rob Hicken University of Exeter Welcome
13:10 13:40 Rudolf Schäfer IFW Dresden Wide-field Kerr Microscopy (invited)
13:40 13:55 Maciej Dąbrowski University of Exeter Layer-selective magnetization reversal and optical switching in synthetic ferrimagnets
13:55 14:05 1st break 10 min break
14:05 14:35 Georg Woltersdorf Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg Non linear spinwave excitations, strain waves and and spin wave propagation studied by time resolved Kerr microscopy (invited)
14:35 14:50 Richard Brearton University of Oxford Manipulating domains in magnetic multilayers with spin-transfer torque
14:50 15:10 2nd break 20 min break
15:10 15:40 Rostislav Mikhaylovskiy Lancaster University THz spectroscopy of ultrafast spin dynamics (invited)
15:40 15:55 Matthew Rogers University of Leeds Time-resolved MOKE as a probe of equilibrium spin accumulation in a molecular spin capacitor
15:55 16:05 3rd break 10 min break
16:05 16:20 Paul Keatley University of Exeter Experimental capability of EXTREMAG
16:20 17:00 All welcome All welcome Forum: Future directions of EXTREMAG
17:00 17:10 Rob Hicken University of Exeter Close


The contact e-mail address for User Meeting inquiries only is shown below.

We will continue to post updates regarding the User Meeting on the EXTREMAG site, either on the Latest News page, or directly on this page.


The EXTREMAG User Meeting will take place one day before EX-SPRING 2020 , the International Workshop on Exchange Driven Magnetization Dynamics, which will now also be held as a virtual meeting hosted by the University of Exeter on July 23rd. EX-SPRING 2020 will also be followed by an Industrial Conclave on on Permanent and Exchange Spring Magnets on the 24th July.  Delegates of the EXTREMAG User Meeting may also attend EX-SPRING 2020 and the Industrial Conclave and vice versa.  Please see the EX-SPRING 2020  and Industrial Conclave websites for more details.