Extreme Imagination Conference 2019

The world’s first conference for people with ‘extreme imagination’ took place at the University of Exeter, UK, on 5 – 7 April 2019.

The event was a great success – thanks to all those who organised, contributed, and participated.

Documentation of the proceedings will be assembled here.



Professor Adam Zeman – Phantasia: the psychological significance of visual imagery extremes


Professor Joel Pearson – The cognitive neuroscience of mental imagery


Dr Crawford Winlove – The Neural Basis of Visual Imagery


Extreme Imagination Artists’ Panel (audio only)
Extreme Imagination artists Isabel Nolan, Michael Chance, Kirsten Baron, Dominic Mason, and Andrew Bracey discuss their work with curators Susan Aldworth and Dr Matthew MacKisack.


 Q&A session with the Extreme Imagination speakers


Professor John Onians – Neural Deficits as Assets: Life as a Colour-Blind Art Historian


Professor Emily Holmes – Mental Imagery and Emotion: Psychology from lab to clinic


Professor Fiona Macpherson – What is it Like to Have Visual Imagery?


Closing remarks and next steps




  • Learning – Kathryn Bates and Lizzy Booth


  • Drawing – Michael Chance

Drawing workshop slides


  • Creative Writing – Dustin Grinnell

Creative Writing workshop slides

How to Write with Aphantasia (Article)


  • Therapy – Nili Sigal

Therapy Workshop slides


Links to BBC coverage of the conference can be found here