Outputs and activities

April 2021

Professor Adam Zeman – When the mind is dark, making art is a thrilling way to see – Aeon

Professor Adam Zeman – Blind Mind’s Eye – American Scientist

May 2020

Publication of Zeman et al, Phantasia – the Psychological Significance of Lifelong Visual Imagery Extremes

Professor Adam Zeman – Eye’s Mind blog post

April 2019

Dr Matthew MacKisack

Artists with Aphantasia: Extended Imagining?

5th April: Extreme Imagination – inside the mind’s eye opens at RAMM

5th – 7th April: Extreme Imagination Conference – documentation available here

February 2019

Prof Adam Zeman on the Not Exactly Rocket Science podcast

‘Extreme Imagination – inside the mind’s eye’ exhibition catalogue published

January 2019

Susan Aldworth, Adam Zeman, Fiona Macpherson, and Matthew MacKisack discuss the exhibition Extreme Imagination – inside the mind’s eye

Presentation slides:

December 2018

Extreme Imagination Exhibition announced

August 2018

Fulford et al – The neural correlates of visual imagery vividness – An fMRI study and literature review

Winlove et al – The neural correlates of visual imagery: A co-ordinate-based meta-analysis‌

Zeman et al – The Eye’s mind – Visual imagination, neuroscience and the humanities‌

February 2018

Extreme Imagination Conference and Exhibition announced

September 2017

‌Eye’s Mind Research – an update

December 2016

Matthew MacKisack

Differential Imagery Experience and Ut Pictura Poesis in the 18th-century

8th November 2016

Professor Adam Zeman

Blog post – ‘Aphantasia: 10,000 people make contact over visual imagery’

20th – 22nd May 2016

The Eye’s Mind conference – a wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary exploration of the visual imagination – recently took place at the Sainsbury Centre at University of East Anglia, Norwich.

More information (programme, abstracts)

19th April 2016

MacKisack M., Aldworth S., Macpherson F., Onians, J., Winlove C., Zeman, A.

‘On Picturing a Candle: the Prehistory of Imagery Science’

Frontiers in Psychology

10th April 2016

Matthew MacKisack

‘Ut Pictura Poesis and Differential Imagery Experience’

British Society for Literature and Science conference presentation

26th August 2015

Professor Adam Zeman

Blog post: ‘Aphantasia: Losing the mind’s eye’

24th August 2015

Zeman, A, Dewar, MT, & Della Sala, S

‘Reflections on Aphantasia’

Cortex (in press)

13th July 2015

Susan Aldworth

What is Visual Imagination?

Preliminary results from a survey of student artists by Susan Aldworth.  All text and images © Susan Aldworth, shown with permission of the artist.

3rd June 2015

Zeman, A, Dewar, MT, & Della Sala, S

‘Lives without imagery – congenital aphantasia’


11th May 2015

Adam Zeman

‘The Eye’s Mind’

Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience (PPN) Research Seminar

University of Glasgow

26th February 2015

Matthew MacKisack

‘Neuroscience and the Imagination’

Art & Science – Conference on Empirical Methods in Art History and Visual Studies

University of Vienna