Exploratory Grant

Centre for Economic Policy Research, GB and other funders

The Centre for Economic Policy Research and the Department for International Development, through their private enterprise development in low-income countries initiative, invite applications for their exploratory research grants. These enable researchers to explore new approaches to the study of firms in low-income countries and develop new or existing sources of data on these firms. Research may relate to private enterprises of all sizes and should produce results that will be useful for policy-making. Proposals should address the following themes:

•modelling market frictions in low-income countries using newly available data;

•understanding how constraints interact using micro-founded macro models;

•the dynamics of SMEs – informality and entrepreneurship;

•the role of export-oriented industries in driving growth.

The initiative in particular seeks proposals that address the following cross-cutting issues: fragile and conflict-affected states, gender, and climate, environment and social compliance.

Only individuals, or teams with an individual representative, may apply.

Grants are worth between £10,000 and £35,000 over 12 months.

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