Welcome new members

We would like to welcome the following new members of the InsTED network.

Prof. Daniel Berkowitz (University of Pittsburgh) His researchs areas are New Institutional Economics, Development, Law and Finance, and Political Economy.

Prof. Johannes Boehm (Paris Institute of Political Studies) His research areas are Macroeconomics, International Trade, and Industrial Organization.

Claire Brunel (Georgetown University) Her research fields are Environmental Economics, International Trade, Empirical Microeconomics, and Development Economics.

Dr. David DeRemer (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) His specialization is in the fields of International Trade, Industrial Organization, Law and Economics, and Political Economy.

Prof. Robert Driskill (Vanderbilt University) His specializations are in Macroeconomics, International Trade, and Money.

Prof. Markus Eberhardt (University of Nottingham) His research focuses on the empirical aspects of economic development, technological change and growth