Mini-Conference at Bocconi University

You are invited to an AIB (Academy of International Business) mini-conference at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy on October 30th and 31st, 2015.

The theme is “Breaking up the global value chain: Possibilities and consequences” with Keynote speeches by Juan Alcacer (Harvard Business School) and John Cantwell (Rutgers Business School).

The conference will cover issues like:

  • What are the macro-economic and institutional conditions explaining the international fragmentation and geographical dispersion of the value chains?
  • Under what conditions is it beneficial to keep the different business activities in the same location rather than splitting and decentralize them across companies and countries’ boundaries? What are the organizational challenges?
  • What are the costs of offshoring? Who benefits from offshoring? Is it society at large, customers, employees? What are spill-over effects of offshoring?
  • What are the challenges for policy makers? What can be done in order to promote the manufacturing activities in advanced countries?

Submission guidelines: Participants who wish to present their research at the conference are invited to submit an extended abstract not exceeding 1,000 words through the conference website no later than September 1st 2015.

For more information on the conference website: – or approach us on the email:

We look forward to you joining us in Milan.
Arnaldo Camuffo, Torben Pedersen – Bocconi University
Stefano Elia, Lucia Piscitello –   Politecnico di Milano