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List of Poster Presentations

Student Poster Award Winners – joint 1st 

Mr Chon Lok Lei (University of Oxford) Challenges in variability and uncertainty quantification for ion channel modelling


Mr Andrew M’manga (Bournemouth University) Eliciting persona characteristics for risk based decision making




Prof Andrew Colman (University of Leicester) Medical prescribing and antibiotic resistance: A game-theoretic model


Miss Margarita Grushanina (Vienna University of Economics) Avoiding potential nonfundamentalness in VAR monetary policy analysis


Mr Samuel Jackson (University of Southampton) Design of physical systems experiments using history matching methodology


Dr Eva Krockow (University of Leicester) Cooperation in repeated interactions with uncertain ends: An experimental study of centipede games with random game termination


Dr Sebastian Maier (Imperial College London) Making optimal decisions for real option portfolios under exogenous and endogenous uncertainties


Prof Karin Moser (London South Bank University) To share or not to share knowledge – that’s the decision! The influence of feedback and expert status in knowledge sharing dilemmas


Dr Valentina Noacco (University of Bristol) How can sensitivity analysis improve the robustness of natural hazard models utilized by the re-insurance industry?


Dr Andrés Peñuela-Fernandez (University of Bristol) Towards a more robust integration of uncertain seasonal hydrological forecasts into operational decisions in the UK water industry


Dr Briony Pulford (University of Leicester) Persuading with confidence: Evidence for the confidence heuristic


Dr Pranay Seshadri (University of Cambridge) Sensitivity analysis of aerospace manufacturing variations via polynomial-based compressive sensing


Dr Pranay Seshadri (University of Cambridge) Subspace-based dimension reduction via polynomials



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