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M2D Research Agenda - Models to Decisions

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M2D Research Agenda

M2D is currently in the process of developing a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for (model-informed) decision making under uncertainty. The draft document of the SRA has been developed in conjunction with the M2D Expert Panel and Advisory Board and with considerable insight and input as contributed by all attending delegates at our most recent M2D 2018 Annual Conference.

We are now keen to engage the broader stakeholder communities in the further development of this document and are therefore carrying out a process of open consultation.

A draft document for consultation of the SRA is now available below and M2D is seeking your views and comments. As a priority, please let us know if you feel there is anything important missing. Please submit your views and comments via email to ┬áPlease title your email communication M2D Research Agenda – consultation.

The following document is divided into three main sections.

  1. Introduction and Methodology (page 1-2)
  2. Part A: Executive Summary (page 3-4)
  3. Part B: Research Challenges by Theme (page 4-10)
    • T1: Uncertainty Quantification (page 4)
    • T2: From Models to Decisions (page 7)
    • T3: Communicating Uncertainty (page 8)
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M2D Research Agenda

Open Consultation

Please respond with your comments to



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