Welcome to the North American and Atlantic Research Group at the University of Exeter!

We are scholars of literature and culture who teach and study texts from the United States, Canada, and the wider Atlantic world. Our research interests range far and wide, spanning 200 years of transatlantic history and covering a variety of different media and genres. Not only do we have world-leading expertise in poetry, drama, novels, and short stories, our team also has specialist knowledge in Hollywood and independent cinema, television, video games, popular music, fashion, and comics and graphic novels. We are interested in all forms of cultural production from across the Atlantic world and are committed to methodological approaches that are meaningfully interdisciplinary and transnational; this commitment is reflected in our teaching, where we expose our students to the latest developments in scholarship and ask what they mean for our own critical practice.

From undergraduates to doctoral researchers, our students have a track record of winning grants and awards and producing outstanding publications, and we offer a BA English with Study in North America degree and an MA pathway themed around the literature and culture of North America. If you’re interested in any of our programmes, we’d love to hear from you – to see who we are and what we research, just check out our ‘People’ page.

As the leading university in the South-West peninsula, the University of Exeter has always had a transatlantic outlook, and the work we do in the North American and Atlantic Research Group reflects our continuing position at the forefront of US and Canadian literary and cultural studies in the UK.

Latest news

Did you catch our Herman Melville scholar Dr Peter Riley talking about stranded whales in all their meanings on BBC Radio 4 on 28 April? Don’t worry – you can listen again here (and read the book on which the broadcast is based, Strandings)!

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