Welcome to the Diversity & Identity Lab!

Note: The Diversity & Identity Lab is moving to Purdue University as of Jan 2022! Dr. Kirby is hoping to accept a PhD student to start in Fall 2022, so please apply through Purdue if interested. 

The Diversity & Identity Lab is directed by Dr. Teri Kirby. Most of the research in our lab is conducted by undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in issues related to racial, ethnic, gender, and LGBTQ+ diversity.

Broadly, research in the lab spans a range of topics on diversity, inclusion, intergroup relations, and prejudice, particularly drawing on social psychological theories of self/identity and acculturation. Much of our research examines how majority group efforts to adapt to minority groups facilitate or hinder inclusion and positive intergroup relations, as well as the reverse process (minority groups adapting to the majority group). We draw on and develop new social psychological theory with an eye to understanding current social issues.

If you’d like to learn more about research in the lab, please click on “Get involved” for more information!