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Kirby, T.A. Barreto, M., Korine, R.*, Hendy, J.*, Osman, L.*, Stadie, S.*, & Tan, D.* (under review). Identity safety cues for sexual minorities: Does diversity hypocrisy impair identity disclosure?. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Wong, E.*, Kirby, T.A., Rink, F.A., Ryan. (under review). Intersectional invisibility in diversity interventions for women. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Ng, J.H.*, Morton, T., & Kirby, T.A. (under review). Acculturation orientation shapes international students’ experiences in campus space. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Kirby, T.A., Gündemir, S., Carter, A.B., Schwanold, E.*, & Argyri, E.K.* (under review). Oppression experiences shape perceptions of cultural appropriation. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Gündemir, S., & Kirby, T.A. (under review). Diversity approaches in organizations: A leadership perspective. In J. Marques & S. Dhiman (Eds.). Leading With Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Approaches, Practices and Cases for Integral Leadership Strategy. Springer International. Chapter submitted for publication.


Morgenroth, T., Kirby, T.A., Gee, I.A.*, Ovett, T.*, (in press). Born this way–or not? Essentialism shapes sexual minorities’ LGBTQ+ identification and belonging. Manuscript accepted for publication at Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Greenwald, A. G., Brendl…Kirby, T.A. Wiers, R. W.  (in press). Best research practices for using the Implicit Association Test. Manuscript accepted for publication at Behavioral Research Methods. [pre-print:]

Morgenroth, T., Kirby, T.A., Cuthbert, M., Evje, J., & Anderson, A. (in press). The erasure of bisexual men. Manuscript accepted for publication at European Journal of Social Psychology.

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Bosson, J.K., Vandello, J.A…Kirby, T.A… Žukauskienė, R. (in press). Psychometric properties and correlates of precarious manhood beliefs in 62 nations. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology52(3), 231-258..

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† Lead authorship shared by first two authors

Ryan, M.K., Begeny, C.T., Bongiorno, R., Kirby, T.A., Morgenroth, T. (2020). Editorial: Understanding barriers to workplace equality: A focus on the target’s perspective. Frontiers in Psychology: Organizational Psychology, 11:1279. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01279

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Popular Science Publications:

Kirby, T.A. (2021). How do bisexual people see themselves? Character and Context. Popular science article invited for SPSP Blog.

Kirby, T.A. (2020). Who really uses safe spaces anyway? Character and Context. Popular science article for SPSP Blog.

Ryan M.K., Kirby T.A. (2018). Lean in – but how?. Psychologist31(5), 24-25.