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Recent Publications

This page contains publications on the Antigonids that have come out in the last five years.



  • Mari, M. (forthcoming) ‘Local’ and ‘national’ cults in Macedonian royal letters and diagrammata.’ In S. Kravaritou and M. Stamatopoulou (eds.) Religious Interactions in the Hellenistic World, Proceedings of the international conference, Oxford, Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, March 18 – 19, 2017. Oxford.


  • Waterfield, R. (Spring 2021) The Making of a King: Antigonus Gonatas of Macedon and the Greeks (University of Chicago Press).


  • D’Agostini, M. (2020) “DA FILA A FTIA DI MACEDONIA. RIFLESSIONI SULLA REGALITÀ FEMMINILE DEGLI ANTIGONIDI (IG II3 1 1023): (From Phila to Phthia of Macedonia. Remarks on female kingship among the Antigonids),” Aevum 94: 75-89.
  • Ferrara, F. (2020) Basileus e Basileia. Forme e luoghi della regalità macedoneThiasos Monografie, 14, Edizioni Quasar.
  • Hatzopoulos, M. B. (2020) Ancient Macedonia, Trends in Classics – Key Perspectives on Classical Research, Berlin: De Gruyter.
  • Nicholson, E. (2020) “Hellenic Romans and Barbaric Macedonians: Polybius on Hellenism and Changing Hegemonic Powers”, Ancient History Bulletin, 34(1-2): 38-73.
  • Panagopoulou, K. (2020) The Early Antigonids: Coinage, Money and the Economy (Numismatic Studies 37), N.York: American Numismatic Society Special Series.
  • Pedinelli, V. (2020) “Σωτὴρ καὶ Εὐεργέτης. Onori per il re Antigono Dosone tra innovazione e rispetto della tradizione antigonide [Σωτὴρ καὶ Εὐεργέτης. Honours for the King Antigonos Doson, between Innovation and Respect of the Antigonid Tradition]”, Mythos 14: 1-17.
  • Rose, T. C. (2020) “The Life and Afterlife of a Hellenistic Flagship: The “Sixteen” of Demetrius Poliorcetes Revisited” in Ancient History Bulletin, 34 (3-4): 94-112.
  • Wheatley, P. (2020) “The Implications of ‘Poliorcetes’: Was Demetrius the Besieger’s Nickname Ironic?” Histos 14, 152-84.
  • Wheatley, P. & C. Dunn (2020) Demetrius the Besieger, Oxford.


  • Chrysafis, C. (2019) “A Note on the history of Hellenistic Megara: Τhe date of the Antigonid garrison in Aegosthena”, Tekmeria, 14, 181-202.
  • D’Agostini, M. (2019) The Rise of Philip V. Kingship and Rule in the Hellenistic World, Ed. dell’Orso, Alexandria.
  • Daubner, F. (2019) “‘What on earth became of them all?’ Continuity and change in Macedonian society after the Roman conquest”, in E. Perego/R. Scopacasa/S. R. Amicone (eds.), Collapse or survival? Micro-dynamics of crisis, change and socio-political endurance in the first–millennium BC central Mediterranean, Oxford, 139–154.
  • Gastaldi, E. C. & M. Mari (2019) “Una lettera di Filippo V agli Ateniesi di Efestia (Lemno)” Axon 3 (2), 193-224.
  • Kleu, M. (2019) “Die Schlacht bei Zama habe ich nie verwunden – Antikenrezeption in ausgewählten Kurzgeschichten Isaac Asimovs”, in M. Kleu (ed.) Antikenrezeption in der Science Fiction, Essen, S. 106-126.
  • Kleu, M. (2019) “The Demographic Impact of War on the Home Front During the Reign of Philip V of Macedon” in L. Cecchet. C. Degelmann, M. Patzelt (eds.) The Ancient War’s Impact on the Home Front, Cambridge, 217-235.
  • Kleu, M. (2019) ‘”Weder beweint noch bestattet” – Philipp V. von Makedonien und die Gefallenen von Kynoskephalai’, in K.-J. Hölkeskamp, J. Hoffmann-Salz, K. Kostopoulos, S. Lentzsch (edd.) Die Grenzen des Prinzips – Die Infragestellung von Werten in antiken Gemeinschaften, Stuttgart, 107-121.
  • Kuzmin, Y. N. (2019) “King Demetrius II of Macedon: In the Shadow of Father and Son”, ŽAnt 69 (2019) 59–84.
  • Landucci, F. (2019) “Gli intellettuali a corte: storia di una presenza dalla corte macedone alle corti ellenistiche” in Bearzot, C., Landucci, F., Zecchini, G. (ed.) Migranti e lavoro qualificato nel mondo antico, Vita e Pensiero, MILANO — ITA 2019: 51- 69.
  • Rose, T. (2019) “Demetrius the Besieger (and Fortifier) of Cities: A Case Study in Early Hellenistic Siege Warfare.” In J. Armstrong and M. Trundle (eds.) Brill’s Companion to Sieges in the Ancient Mediterranean. Leiden, 169-190.


  • Kremydi, S. (2018) Autonomous’ Coinages under the late Antigonids. Μελετήματα 79, Athens.
  • Mari, M. (2018) “L’attività della cancelleria antigonide negli anni delle guerre romano-macedoniche”, in Atti del convegno “Epistolografia pubblica e privata nell’Oriente romano”” Università di Torino, 20-21 febbraio 2018, Historikà 8, 283-311.
  • Miltsios, N. (2018) “Polybius and Arrian: The Cases of Philip V and Alexander the Great”, in N. Miltsios & M. Tamiolaki (eds.), Polybius and His Legacy , Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 323-338.
  • Muccioli, F. (2018) ‘L’anello debole della catena? L’egemonia macedone nella tradizione antica sulla translatio imperii’ L.R. Cresci, F. Gazzano (eds.) De imperiis. L’idea di impero universale e la successione degli imperi nell’antichità. Roma, 81 – 136.
  • Nicholson, E. (2018) “Philip V of Macedon, ‘Eromenos of the Greeks’: A Note and Reassessment”, Hermes 146(2), 241-255.
  • Nicholson, E. (2018) “Polybios, the Laws of War, and Philip V of Macedon”, Historia 67(4), 434-453.
  • Rose, T. (2018) “Demetrius Poliorcetes, Kairos, and the Sacred and Civil Calendars of Athens.”  Historia 67(3), 258-287.
  • Shipley, D. G. J. (2018) The Early Hellenistic Peloponnese. Politics, Economies, and Networks 338 – 197 BC. Cambridge.


  • Eckhardt, B. (2017) ‘Der Krieg, die Götter, die Frauen. Zur Herrschaftsrepräsentation des Demetrios I. Poliorketes’ in Beck, Eckhardt, Michels & Richter (eds.) Von Magna Graecia
    nach Asia Minor: Festschrift für Linda-Marie Günther zum 65. Geburtstag, Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 197-210.
  • Juhel, P. (2017) Autour de l’infanterie d’élite macédonienne à l’époque du royaume antigonide: Cinq études militaires entre histoire, philogie, et archéologie. Oxford.
  • King, C.J. (2017) Ancient Macedonia. London – New York.
  • Kleu, M. (2017) ‘Philip V, the Selci – Hoard and the supposed building of a Macedonian fleet in Lissus’, AHB 31, 112 – 119.
  • Kralli, I. (2017) The Hellenistic Peloponnese: Interstate Relations. A narrative and analytic history from the fourth century to 146 BC. Swansea.
  • Mari, M. (2017a) ‘Istituzioni cittadine della Macedonia preromana. Alcune novità epigrafiche.’ Historika 7, 345 – 364.
  • Michels, C. (2017) ‘Überlegungen zum ‚kosmischen‘ Herrscherornat des Demetrios I. Poliorketes’ in Beck, Eckhardt, Michels & Richter (eds.) Von Magna Graecia
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  • Panovski, S. & V. Sarakinski (2017) “Comfortably Sunk: Philip, the Battle of Chios and the List of Losses in Polybius.” H. Popov & J. Tzvetkova (eds.) KRATISTOS: A Volume in Honour of Professor Peter Delev, Sofia, 110-118.
  • Richter, S. (2017) ‘Demetrios I. Poliorketes. Historisches Scheitern auf hohem Niveau?’ in Beck, Eckhardt, Michels & Richter (eds.) Von Magna Graecia
    nach Asia Minor: Festschrift für Linda-Marie Günther zum 65. Geburtstag, Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 225-242.
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