Next event: Roundtable with professional translators

Hi everyone,

A big thank you to Phoebe for her interesting insight into her experiences of the project last year. I’m sure all final year students will agree that it’s reassuring to know that Phoebe’s been able to use her experience of the project in interviews as an example of teamwork. It’s that time of year where we’re all trying to balance our university workload with filling out job applications, so any transferable skills we can refer to help make the process that bit easier!

Hopefully you’ve all managed to come up with a name and logo for your translation company, as well as think about your target market and audience. Next week’s Round Table event with professional translators should help you with your research into the translation industry. Just to remind you that the event will take place on Wednesday 25th February, from 2-4pm in Room 209 of the Harrison Building.

This is a really great opportunity for you to meet industry professionals who will be able to offer you an insight into the field of translation. It would be useful for you to prepare some questions for the translators ahead of the event, as well as ask any that occur to you on the day of course.

In the meantime here a few snaps Isabel took at the last event of us all tucking into tea and biscuits for you to enjoy…

Sophie Davies
BA CH English and Spanish

Introductory Event January 2015 Introductory Event January 2015 Introductory Event January 2015