13. Your future

Warning: this future may or may not be real. In this game you choose several sections which predict how and where you will live in the future.

You can make up your own sections. Sections we have used include, where you will live (type of accommodation), how you earn money, location, your pet, who you will be married to, how many children you will have, age of death. Each section then has six options which are made up by each player in turn. The options are written down and given a corresponding number between one and six on a ‘predictions sheet’. Here are some examples from the ones we have come up with in the past:

Where you will live

  1. house
  2. igloo
  3. shed
  4. boat
  5. traveller
  6. palace


  1. dragon
  2. rabbit
  3. chicken
  4. dog
  5. cat
  6. none


  1. surfing instructor
  2. traveller
  3. author
  4. animator
  5. TV personality
  6. Pop star

Who you will marry

  1. nobody
  2. Martian
  3. dentist
  4. three times
  5. same as now
  6. cat


  1. none
  2. one
  3. two
  4. Siamese twins
  5. 13
  6. same as now

Age at death- this category may be too morbid for modern times.

  1. in a year
  2. in ten years
  3. in fifty years
  4. age 99
  5. age 150
  6. never die

Other options could be ‘who you will live with’, ‘what you will do’, ‘what you will look like’ etc etc.

Players then roll the dice in turn.  We play the game by making the predictions by rolling the dice for each player section by section. A nominated player, usually an adult, marks the initials of the player beside the corresponding number on the predictions sheet, according to the dice roll they make, in other words whatever number you get, you look up the predicted outcome on the predictions sheet for each player in turn, section by section.

Thus start in the example above, start with ‘where you will live’ and player 1. Then whatever number player 1 rolls, say number 5, look for the corresponding number. The nominated person notes player 1’s initials alongside the correct number on the predictions sheet. Then player 2 has a go, until there are predictions for all players. Roll again until you have completed every section for every player. Make a note of the predictions for each player and read them out at the end to summarise. For some reason this game seems to go down better with girls.

The other option for the predictions game is to use a spinning arrow which is sometimes provided with board games if you don’t have a dice.