Egenis Seminar Series, University of Exeter
Ginny Russell, Abby Russell and Daisy Elliott: Risk and resilience in child mental health: Stories from the field


International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) Annual Meeting 2019, Montreal, Canada
Dr Steven Kapp: Autistic adults’ views and experiences of stimming. [Poster].


Autistica Discover Conference, Reading, UK
Dr Steven Kapp: “People should be allowed to do what they like”: Autistic adults’ views and experiences of stimming.


The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), Flanders, Belgium 
Dr Steven Kapp: Autism and the Neurodiversity Movement: Self-Advocacy, Strengths, and Stimming.



University of Exeter Medical School Annual Research Event 2018
Jennie Hayes: Clinical Practice Guidelines for Autism Diagnosis in Adults and Children in the UK


Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany) ‘Handling Autism: Recovery or Support?’
Dr Steven Kapp: Supporting the Individual Differences of Autism: Respecting Neurodiversity


DMU, Leicester ‘Ethical Dialogues for Developing Socially Responsible Robots for Children with Autism’
Dr Ginny Russell: What has Critical Autism Studies Ever Done for us?


ACAMH National Conference 2018, Royal College of Physicians, London
Dr Ginny Russell: Time Trends in Diagnostic Rates of Autism: Explanations and Evidence

Medical Humanities Conference, University of Exeter.
Dr Steven Kapp & Rhianna White: Keynote


An Alternative to Diagnosis? An Exploration of the Power Threat Meaning Framework, University of Exeter
Dr Richard Byng, GP and researcher: Why do we need an alternative to diagnosis?
Louise Holman, service user: Diagnosis and Mental Health Services; My story
Dr Lucy Johnstone, clinical psychiatrist and writer of PTM Framework: What is the Power Threat Meaning Framework?
For the accompanying Power Point presentation click here


British Sociological Association Medical Sociology Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University. 
Thomas Lister: Situational Analysis: An Introduction



ESRC Series: Autism in Society Seminar II, Institute of Education, UCL, London
Ginny Russell: How can we prioritise autistic wellbeing in biomedical research?
Steven Kapp: Quality of life and autistics: the critical roles of social support and subjective well-being

UEMC Mental Health Research Team Peer Group Meeting, Exeter 
What’s in a Label? The Functions and Consequences of a Medical Diagnosis and Lay Diagnosis of Autism, Torquay                                                                          Thomas Lister: (Abstract) What’s in a label? The functions and consequences of a selfdiagnosis and medical diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder                                         (Presentation) What’s in a Label? The Functions and Consequences of a Medical Diagnosis and Lay Diagnosis of Autism


The Globalisation of Autism symposium, Queen Mary University of London
Steven Kapp: Autism diagnosis across the globe: DSM-5 as a focal point


Neuroscience, Social Science and the Politics of Research: Insights from Early Intervention and Autism at University College Cork, Ireland
Steven Kapp: Neurodiversity: implications of brain-based research and politics for social science and early intervention

Cultural Diversity Preconference, International Meeting for Autism Research, San Francisco, USA
Steven Kapp (First author): Right planet: examining the intersections between neuro- and cultural diversityCo-authors: Rachel S. Brezis, Nidhi Singhal, Merry Barua, Jaqueline Mathaga, Alexia Rattazzi, Sabine Saade Chelbi, Deepali Teneja, and Kristen Gillespie-Lynch 


Critical Autism Studies Conference
Ginny Russell & Jennie Hayes: Medicalisation, mobilisation and Social Identity Theory


Included in Training and Work: Transforming Policies and Practices for Disabled People workshop at the Lorentz Center at the University of Leiden in Leiden, Netherlands.
Steven Kapp: Including disabled people about inclusive employment


The GW4 Clinical Academic Training programme, at the University of Bristol.
Ginny Russell and Steven Kapp: Interdisciplinary in Medical Research


Advisory Group Meeting, at the University of Exeter
Exploring Diagnosis advisory meeting programme
Katherine Runswick-Cole: The Functions of Labels
Sami Timimi: What is Autism and does it matter? (PowerPoint)
Adam Feinstein: Neurodiversity: The Cases For and Against (accompanying notes)