Advisory board

Liz Pellicano Professor and director of CRAE at IOE in London.
Ilina Singh Professor of Sociology known for her work on ‘ADHD voices’ project.
Katherine Runswick-Cole Disability activist, scholar and parent.  Founder of critical autism network.
Stuart Murray Professor at Leeds, and parent, known for book ‘Representing Autism’.
Chloe Silverman STS scholar based at Penn State University, Philadelphia, author of ‘Understanding Autism’.
Annemarie Jutel  Professor of Sociology of Diagnosis
Denis Pereira-Gray Retired GP and former president of Royal College of GPs
Tom Pittwood Intervention researcher (Brain in hand). First person perspective on ASD
Sami Timimi Child and adolescent psychiatrist who has argued for socially constructed nature of ASD, ADHD
Virginia Bovell Ethicist and Activist
Adam Feinstein Author, translator and Journalist : Has written a book about autism: ‘A History of Autism: Conversations with pioneers’.
Jan Slaby Berlin: Critical Neuroscience Movement: Social and cultural context of neuroscience
Tim Webb


Award winning animator who made one of our favourite autism films ‘A is for Autism’