27. Dance champion (in the middle)

This is a good one for summer nights or winter holidays when you are not too tired. Inject a little John Travolta into your life- that is John Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever as everyone dances in a circle.

The dancing required can range from proper committed getting into it moves to just vaguely jogging on the spot. But all family members are required to dance at least a little. It really helps if you have a variety of dancey tunes lined up. We always take requests from the children so long as whatever is involved has a reasonable beat.

Then a volunteer (if you have a young girl present it may well be her) starts dancing in the central area while everybody else starts clapping to the beat while they watch the volunteer. The volunteer can dance for as long or as little as he or she likes.

The idea is that this activity is a competition to provide the craziest, funkiest, and downright silly moves and that can comprise anything. Could be very slow vogue-ing to madcap break dancing to silly expressions and everything in between.

When the volunteer has had enough they tag another person and replace them in the circle. It is then the turn of this second player to do the feature dancing. This continues until the second person has had enough of the spotlight when they tag someone else and so the game continues until every player or person, has had a go in the centre.

We usually have three or four rounds so everyone gets quite a few goes at dancing in the central spot. As the typical pop song or track lasts 3-4 minutes, people can take as short or as long a time as they wish within that. This is a good way to time your involvement.

When everyone has had enough, there is a free vote for who was the best. Normally the winner gets some kind of prize in our household, but this is often a pretty minor prize. For example, the prize might be getting to choose family time the following night.