29. Kung Fu cushion

This game is essentially a pillow fight with the Kung Fu element providing an extra twist. It can be played outside or inside. Each contestant will have a cushion and the aim of the game is to hit your opponent in the tummy or bottom five times.

The trick is to defend yourself with your cushion and by ducking and diving around your opponents. Each player is armed with one or possibly two cushions. The trick is that you are not allowed to target one person repeatedly. Once you have a strike then another player must be the target. It is crucial that you don’t hurt anyone as that would be very bad. And that is all there is too it really.

I don’t know where the kung fu came from, but to complete the game you have to do kung fu poses and noises while you are hitting your opponent with the cushion. The noises sound like this ‘hyaaah hwayaa!’ that sound like they might possibly be made by people who do Kung Fu like ‘hup hup up’ and ‘eeeechaaa!’

The game is supposed to be fun and was made up spontaneously by my children who also dictated the majority of this listing.

The five times rule is fairly spurious, and players are responsible for counting their own scores. It can be varied by handicapping adults by making them kneel, although children can often be very nimble which is a great advantage in this game.

Kung Fu cushions is rather a short game and often deteriorates into outright war so it is important to keep the playing time short and keep moving around the room. Otherwise chaos quickly ensues.