lyrica_originalFunny to say, most days I do not feel like painting. For I am not able to create realistic or familiar images, as I don’t have the “hard-wiring” for this level of outward expression. So when I approach that blank white vastness of nothingness, there is a place deep in my soul that gets a wake-up call to commandeer a flow of paint that is like my primal language or spirit voice speaking.

For you see, I am nonverbal, meaning that I have not spoken out loud verbally for the 40 years that I have been alive on this planet earth. (Thank goodness for my typing and telepathy voice with my mom and others.)

So when my soul is not strongly “on board,” my abstract art feels flat and lifeless. Of course this expression has value as a communication of my state of being in the moment, but I don’t like to keep these reflections.

Instead, my favorite paintings are those where my soul is very present and alive…so full that is spills it life-force onto the blank screen in front of me. Then even my abstract strokes can come together, like magic, into a surreal presence that pops out like an unseen into the seen. That moment of recognition, of seeing an actual imprint of my soul’s voice, is like the big bang! I call this intuitive art or soul voice art. That is how my ‘Energy of Creation’ painting, that has been chosen as a logo, was created.

I so honor all the other artists here (and those yet to come) for your skill and imagination. Your images are so beautiful and compelling…bringing light and hope into the hearts of those who see them and appreciate them. I am honored to be included here and counted among you. Thank you Exeter, for your part in this epic unfolding!

Lyrica, along with her mother, Gayle, and 3 other nonverbal autistics, who are “typer-writers” have together authored a “bright light” book about their experiences as autistics.  It is entitled AWEtizm, A Hidden Key to our Spiritual Magnificence.  Gayle and Lyrica currently live in the beauty of Sedona, Arizona.