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View the GeoAtlantic conference presentations

On 20/05/20 Exeter University hosted the GeoAtlantic virtual conference, with presentations from eight of the project partners, supplemented by four external guest speakers including: Cornwall Council, Camborne School of Mines, United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project and Kensa Heat Pumps. The conference was well received by a large number of guests who provided great feedback indicating that the presentations gave an interesting insight into the geothermal sector in both Cornwall and the Atlantic Area. The presentations can be viewed in PDF format below:

0900_Cochrane_UoE Introduction


0950_Rodriguez_200520_Work_done & GEOGalicia_ELAB-converted

1010_Palmero_Good practices_Exeter conference_UPorto

1030_Gurnett_Business Engagement and Technology Transfer

1105_Rodriguez_Exploration of deep-seated geothermal reservoirs

1125_Mehl_Alec 20 may 2020

1145_Boljevic_CIT Geoatlantic Work in progress Exeter May -2020

1205_Stefanica_EHPA presentation GeoAtlantic DS 15.05.2020

1330_Yeomans_Geological Characterisations of Deep Geothermal Systems in SW England

1350_Ledingham_United Downs Deep Geothermal Power

1410_Broom_Ambient Loops Powered by Minewater


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